Bestselling Commercial Refrigerators and Features to Look For

Bestselling Commercial Refrigerators and Features to Look For

The best commercial refrigerators all have something in common. They are made with quality and durability. Whether you need a refrigerator for your hotel or restaurant kitchen or you need a commercial refrigerator for selling beverages, there are a few features to look for when selecting the right model.

Commercial kitchens require more room than residential kitchens do for appliances like refrigerators. Energy efficiency is almost more of a concern for businesses than it is for homes because of how much a business refrigerator will be used and how much extra power it takes to run.

Look for commercial refrigeration products with the Energy Star label. At the very least you are getting a good unit that will run for less money than a machine without the label. These brands of refrigerators usually come with condenser fan motors, high-efficiency compressors, and ECM evaporators. They may also have hot gas anti-sweat heaters.

These features will reduce energy consumption. All of these things also keep your business’s perishables fresh and safe from contamination. Any model that has the Energy Star label on it is a good buy.

Price is, of course, something anyone in the market for a commercial product will be concerned with. You want to be smart about your purchase but also remember that you will get what you pay for. Known brands in the business world include Delfield, Turbo Air and True.

These products are known for being energy efficient and priced well. They also come with warranties which are not something you want to do without. Even the best machines will sometimes need repairs or service, especially when being put through the demands of running all day and night to keep a lot of produce, meats and other foods fresh.

Good warranties will run for about three years. They may also come with service plans that certified technicians in your area can honor. It is a lot more convenient to be able to contact someone close by to fix a broken refrigerator to get it back up and running when they are located a mile from your business rather than two hours away.

You also want a commercial refrigerator that has the size needed for your kitchen’s layout. There are stand-up, reach-in models and standalone reach-in freezers as well as merchandiser refrigerators for selling beverages. Look for quality, price, and efficiency from the major brands to find the best product for your business.

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