Top Ice Cream Flavors to Rock Your Summer in 2018

I grew up with so much cravings for ice-cream as the taste was ever fulfilling especially during summer. I can’t imagine summer without a nice blend of ice-cream. Ice-cream makes summer amazing –having a nice scoop of your favorite ice cream can help you forget about all the stress of the day in the twinkling of an eye. Ice-cream is not necessarily for summer –I can literally have ice cream all year round. I know there are so many people who are just okay with a simple scoop of vanilla or strawberry –if you are interested in more excitement and trying something else that will wow your ice cream experience then this article is for you.

Several searches have been carried out in order to carefully select just the best of ice cream flavors for you during 2018 summer. Even if you aren’t a fan of ice-cream, I advise you try it out and you won’t regret the amazing burst of satisfaction and enjoyment you will get this summer.

Join me below as we list out our top picks for this year’s summer.

  1. Honey Salted Caramel Almond

This flavor is worth a trial –a scoop of this flavor would keep you coming for more. The caramel ribbons are melty in the mouth, with prominent almonds alongside. This flavor is simply worth the summer and hype –the variation and flavor is balanced with a great feel in the mouth. If you have a go at this ice cream flavor, you would definitely tell everyone about it and be ever wanting more.

  1. Midnight Munchies

Coolhaus with their mouth-watering ice cream flavor got so many people talking –it has been a delight of so many ice cream lovers. My favorite part about this ice-cream is the chocolate-covered pretzels this is simply a trip to paradise. With this ice-cream, you don’t need a sauce or a cone. But if you are lucky to have an awesome topping alongside, my favorite is coconut toppings –your taste buds will definitely be ever grateful for such a treat.

  1. Salt & Straw

This flavor totally brought a new approach to the world of ice cream. Surprising to hear right? Hell yeah it is dynamic. Since most brands have really taken their ice cream games a step further, they decided to do just same. The white soy gives a slight unusual taste as this is not the usual in most ice-creams but the strawberry lights up your world once again. You definitely should try it this summer.

  1. Cold Brew Coffee — Talenti

Many of us have heard about this brand, for those who haven’t, you totally should try this out. If you are a coffee lover then you got yourself a flavor for the summer. What beats having that coffee taste and the creamery feel of ice cream alongside? My guess is nothing. This flavor is very simple and straightforward yet very great.

On top on that, one of my favorite ice cream is the mythical Iceroll (glace roulée). This kind of rolled ice cream is quickly becoming popular in North America.

You don’t need to bother about testing all the flavors at the ice-cream shop anymore before you get one that suits you this summer –just pick up any of this flavors and you can be sure to have an amazing summer.

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